The fever of the jungle kind…

To whom it may concern,

I hope you’re all geared up with a stupid amount of chocolate, sure to cause severe cases of diabetes in the near future, I know I am.

The other day my friend Aidan showed a group of us a photo of an Indian girl stating “Bro she’s definitely a 9” although the group was in agreement, shawty was definitely a babe, there was the swift and giggly justification “Oh Aidan, you’ve definitely got that jungle fever going huh”. Aidan sheepishly agreed, “Well I think it’s quite evident”. Not everyone wears the branding with as much style as Aidan. Another mate on the other hand previously said of the same girl “ I don’t really know if she’s pretty, I’m not really into brown girls aye”. Which is a vastly accepted notion here in Kiwi- land, a notion I only found out about having left school.

According to the ever-handy urban dictionary, Jungle Fever is: When a non-black person has a sexual fetish partial to black people. Originally it was used for when a white woman dates black men, but now the term has even shifted enough colloquially to commonly include a person who is Caucasian who is attracted to a non-African, or to a person with a diversely different racial background.

Thanks, urban dictionary!

My first celebrity crush was Jonathan Taylor Thomas from ‘Home Improvement’ when he didn’t grow very much I was convinced we were meant to be, my first boyfriend was Caucasian but not intentionally, I didn’t grow up with the idea that white men needed to have a sexual fetish of my skin to be attracted to me. I was definitely under the impression it was my unintentional slapstick humour and let’s be real, Sandy and Mandy that were my selling point(s)…budum bum chhh. Apparently, I was wrong.
But friends lets all be a little kinder and more sensitive towards each other, because if someone asked me if I find Ryan Gosling attractive and my response was “um I’m not really sure, his skin, y’know the fact that its all white isn’t really working for me so I can’t tell if he’s hot” a group of trained females, gay men, and straight male assassins would find me and kill me for my crassness and stupidity. Some men are genuinely un-attracted to women of colour and some have a genuine fetish towards a certain race, which is absolutely fine – don’t hate a pl4Ya. But let’s not make the ones who feel as though they’re “diseased” with a “fever” and perhaps then more men would feel more comfortable to look past skin colour and appreciate Sandy’s and Mandy’s of all nations.

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