Professional Procrastinator.

To whom it may concern,

It’s been one week since my mother moved back to Australia…something about a new job. Whatever. She took my brother with her to help her settle in and so far their skypes to me have been about how cheap the food is and how much funky artwork there is in Melbourne. The 2 things that basically fuel my family so I think it’s safe to say she’s never coming back. My flat, that just 7 days ago was filled with noise: mainly from Mum yelling at us to help her pack, me wailing Sam Smith’s Stay with me and my brother remaining mute to restore balance to the universe is now completely silent. As a chronic attention seeker and self-appointed family entertainer, it has been a most distressing week.

It was meant to be a well-timed departure; the silence timed with study break to leave no distractions in the way of this 2-week cram session. What’s been increasingly clear is that if the distractions aren’t provided to me then I am more than capable of making them for myself.  I’ve disciplined myself to not be too drastic, aside from the supermarket, work and hopefully the gym soon (maybe tomorrow..) I’ve remained in my house for the most part. Ok, I left to watch “The fault in our stars” just to enhance the happiness I’m feeling. But it does mean that my flat, no not room, my entire flat is currently spotless, which is partially because I have hay fever and dust appears to have a personal vendetta towards me but mostly because I woke up one day and decided I wanted the whole place to smell like citrus and mint scented detergent. Other distractions include but have not been limited to painting my nails lilac, sending a photo of said nails to my father, a 20 minute call to my father to review nails, Google image-searching Augustus Walters (lead male in TFIOS), crying of laughter at the results and I’m going to be honest, I’ve consumed a blasphemous amount of chocolate mousse.

I read somewhere, or maybe it was the Sheryl Sandberg CD my mother kept playing to “subtly” inspire me…we will never now, I digress.  Apparently, you need to train your brain to focus in your early 20’s because that’s the mindset you will tackle the remainder of your life with. Things are looking bleak guys. With my 22nd birthday in 2 weeks, ready to shoot me further into adulthood it is apparent that I will tackle life with the mindset of a hamster with ADHD and an addiction to cocaine. Anyway, I think this is today’s procrastination done. I think I’ll make cupcakes tomorrow.

Bye guys


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