Welcome to WhatTheHallelujah.com!

I’ve been celebrating! My exams have finished and I’ve started a website so dammit I wanted cake. And what a cake I had. Being 5’2 with the hands of a 12 year old I’ve always had a huge appreciation for things that make my small hands feel regular sized.

‘The little Baker’ run by the stunning and hilarious Marie Pereira not only achieves this goal but also blows the mind of your senses. My mini chocolate ombré cake looked divine and tasted impossibly better. My friends and I impatiently ate our dinner in anticipation for dessert and at one point we stopped to check if it was just our imagination or if the cake was actually glowing. Contact Marie immediately via thelittlebakernz@gmail.com. You’re welcome.

The cake was celebratory but also a somewhat of a comfort. Evolving is a natural and constant part of life and one I’ve found usually found to be difficult in my few years on this planet. Moving forward usually means leaving something behind. Today however marks a goal I’ve wanted to achieve since I started blogging late last year.

WhatTheHallelujah is my first ever website and this is it’s first ever post! Not to worry, all my embarrassing moments that I’ve documented this year have been moved over for your convenience to re-read and feel my pain. For me the message of a “balanced” life is constantly put forward as the goal we strive for: balanced diet, balancing work and a social life, balancing relationships, balanced workout. The list is exhausting and very few have managed it without a lot of support. It’s also a very natural to feel inadequate when not leading today’s idea of a “healthy” life.

Summer is finally here and I’m going to attempt this elusive and so far unattainable life. For you, I will go out of my comfort zone of watching endless hours of great television, enhance my palate for food, literature, and adventure and you can join me on my through my struggle which is sure to be comical. My cake day was not a cheat day – there was zero shame involved in that beautiful wee thing. It was definitely a treat day – the first of many. You are welcome to my amateur expertise…

Join me tomorrow for Day 1!

Lots of love


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