15. Are you a cheater?

Mid-week madness

Monday morning Auckland decided to get real. Between the stormy weather that set the hay fever on fire and the rush-hour traffic on the way to work I could just sense the impatience of the customers I’d be serving in 5 minutes. I trudged into the mall where I work with windswept hair and an indecisive nose that no filter would make pretty. Because that’s how real life works – people have allergies and wind and rain have a personal vendetta against hair. Also people have jobs.

The urge to workout after 8 hours is at an all time low. I had a cold and hunger comes a-knockin’…how do the insta-famous manage this feat of balancing life? Regular humans shovel down dinner and stay tucked bed – which is exactly what I decided to do. In the words of sweet Gwen Stefani – This ish is bananas B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

Tuesday brought with it my favourite time of the week – This year my brother joined me in New Zealand and flats with me. My aunt makes sure we’re alive and well fed by inviting us for a weekly dinner where she and my uncle make everything Sri Lankan under the sun.

Here’s what you should know about me. I love carbs. If I was stranded on an island and could only eat one thing for the rest of my life it would be fresh white bread from Baker’s delight. I’m basically salivating already. The second would be (cue stereotype) Rice and freakin’ curry. Maybe its because it’s only a weekly delicacy these days but I truly believe I could eat it every single day. My aunt get’s me… She over-feeds me with the sentiment “It’s only once a week – you’re fine”

Don’t tell me it’s a cheat day; don’t have a cheat day yourself. When you have McDonalds the salads of the world don’t threaten to divorce you and double your alimony. Your body doesn’t shut down sobbing, yelling “HOW COULD YOU, YOU BASTARD”. There is no shame or guilt involved in you eating something delicious once in a while so just calm down. It’s a treat day – Because you deserve not to feel like cheater. Because its just food. If someone implies you’re cheating on “healthy” food I give you permission to punch him or her in the baby-maker.

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