H.I.T Me

This week’s challenge came in the form of my first H.I.T class. High-intensity interval training proved to be frustratingly hard. Mostly because I feel there should be 2 I’s in the acronym even though one is hyphenated – am I right ladies? Yeah ok, just me. I’ve discovered a pattern in all these gym classes, they all start off at a reasonable pace with aerobic moves like “skiing-move” on a box thing to J-Lo’s “Let’s get loud”; a crowd-pleaser obviously because who doesn’t love Miss Lopez, I know I do. But just when you’ve settled into the frame of mind of a sexy salsa dancer and are almost awaiting your young Richard Gere, they tell you to do as many press-ups as you can in 30seconds.

Now, they say as many as YOU can do, but when you’re in a class with fit mums, trophy wives, women who are so stinking successful that they’ve retired at 35 and now take H.I.T classes at 9.15am on a Tuesday and Asian grandmothers who apparently love J-Lo as much as I do, and THEY are all doing 100 press-ups in 30 seconds, I think they expect you to do just as many, if not more. I was discouraged at first because I was still trying to figure out if a press-up was just a push-up by a different name and then the trainer said “OK NOW LADIES! TRICEP PRESS-UPS!” I was convinced my brain had stopped computing anything. But then I saw an Asian grandma that was clearly new to the clan and like me, it was her first day – oh brother, did she look how I felt. It’s clearly going to take me some time to get used to this whole fitness thing and to decipher the differences (if there are any?) between a push and a press but I’ve decided to use the fit women as a life-goal instead and take solace in the fact that I am not alone in my plight against lethargy – Asian gran and the oh-so-essential sports bra will be supporting me all the way.

Also fitness instructors, not only was this one smiling throughout this whole regime of ups and downs, press-ups/push-ups, damn squats and what she calls “The superwoman” but at the end of the class my friend mentioned that she was over 60 (did not look it) and was in fact, a grandmother. I mean geez, become a motivational speaker already. To give you a taste of what H.I.T feels like I dare you to try these Hump Day treats. Don’t try David though.

Here are things related to fitness I approve of

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 9.59.12 pm


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