40 Acts

To whom it may concern,

If I’m to be perfectly honest, I never really understood the point of lent. *Cue lightning bolt from above* But in all seriousness, for me lent was my parents usually went vegetarian for 40 days and everyone was cranky, anaemic and carnivorous by Easter. Bad times for all.

I for one have NEVER managed to stick to giving up one thing for 40 days. Mostly on account of forgetting that I was supposed to have given it up. Even this year I considered to stop being lazy and being more active – the day of lent I slept in. It’s such a regular occurrence I don’t even feel bad anymore.

For me, I don’t think giving something up for 40 days and 40 nights makes me a stellar Christian, if anything me without chicken or mum’s beef curry makes me a colossal douche-face. This year, however, I’m not giving something up…

40acts.org.uk allows its readers to perform 40 acts of generosity. There are 3 stages of generosity to suit everyone. The first being the least time consuming (5 minutes) and usually free of cost, the second taking around 10 minutes and costing less than a cup of coffee and the last for those who have ample time and some $$ to spare.

Yesterday was day 1 and as much as I’d like to think of myself as an already ok person I started to notice opportunities to be generous that were part of my daily routine but for some reason had slipped below the radar.

Adding your spare coinage in a tip jar, buying a bar of fundraising Cadbury top-deck from the adorable wee girl standing outside the supermarket – that last one was only half generous, I like chocolate. These aren’t massive feats or philanthropic actions to take note of by any means.

But isn’t it just the little things in life? Go on, give 40Acts a whiz – You can pray to a God by a different name or not pray at all. It’s just another little step in making kindness a universal language. Let’s all be a little less of a douche-face.

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