The test of living with a man.

To whom it may concern,

Sri Lankan mum’s have this thing about their sons, this intrinsic need to pamper and look after their little princes. Now they get the odd disciplining, enough to make a practice out of please’s and thank you’s but for the most part it leaves them with a slight sense of entitlement and strong indignation when they’re called out about said entitlement. Mum’s brush away acts of inconsideration and unhelpfulness with “Oh boys are like that”.

If you’re a Sri Lankan male disagreeing with the above statement ask yourself: do i feel indignant right now? am I closing myself off to the rest of this post because I feel entitled to my lifestyle?

Whilst the men try and solve the answers to these questions – most likely with the help of their mothers – the rest of us may move on.

For the last few months I have been flatting with my brother who has frankly been the victim of the “boys are like that” excuse. So I decided to conduct a study of,let’s call him male, over the last week whilst taking into consideration the progress made over the last few months.

In the early stages the addition of extra chores of dusting and vacuuming 2 rooms seemed to confound the male, instructions had to be written in order for him to not use the excuse “I don’t clean it as well as you do though…”, setting alarms were suggested to remind said male to take the bins out which despite having been his only chore for the last 10 years seems to slip his mind weekly.

Thus far the only solution that has resuted in male actioning his 2 chores have been for me to reach the brink of my sanity with tears in my eyes and usually end with me screaming “FORGET IT, I’LL JUST DO IT MYSELF” to which his remark is the ever-confused “Fine I’ll do it…there’s no need to yell” This point is usually reached after having reminding the male to do his chores, re-reminding the male to do his chores, the male telling me to stop bugging him, me pointing out I wouldn’t be bugging him had he done his chores and OH MY GOD I’VE TURNED INTO MY MOTHER.

Anyway for the last 5 days I have not reminded male of chores. I’ve made sure to clean up after myself and do my own chores and my own laundry and see if male notices the carnage that he leaves behind and also that he doesn’t have clean clothes.

Day 5: Male’s dishes from day 1 are still in sink. It looks like Hagrid died in my bathroom sink. Male appears to be completely  unaware of said test and does not give a flying fart in space that he has almost no clean clothes. I give up.

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