In sleep he sang to me


3 days in Paris is never enough. I’m not sure a lifetime is. This city echoes so much romanticism of an era gone by that every street corner can produce an unexpected discovery.11411613_1575650082699623_3246136564621582787_o

On day 3, I stumbled across one of my forgotten loves that was not included on my Parisian bucket list. “The Palais Garnier” reintroduced itself while I exited the train station in search of the “Place Vendome”. The setting to one of my all time favorite stories, I finally understood the hauntigness that inspired Gaston Leroux’s novel. This by far, my favourite of all of Paris!

Someone once told me if I ever moved to Paris he would follow me there. In retrospect though Paris, while certainly the most romantic city I’ve ever visited, is where I would like to fall in love with myself. The city offers so much for someone to grow and find themselves and in these 3 days I have started to feel a faint glimmer of the bohemian romantic I once was, reawaken.

By Anitra Thambiah

Anitra Thambiah is the contributer to our Wanderlust column. This wide-eyed wanderer seeks beauty in the far corners of the world and wisdom in the exotic. We are excited to welcome her to the WTH team.

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