I am grounded in you


For Simone & Priyanka

To whom it may concern,

In the last 10 years my address has changed 11 times. Flights across oceans; the occasional upgrades followed loyally by many downgrades. I’ve called many places home.

I am not grounded by a postcode, change appears to be the only constant of my vagrant life. So for a girl so well adjusted to change, it caught me by surprise when in the last 2 weeks I had the wind knocked out of me by change. Two of my closest friends moved to London for 2 years.  Scratch that – when you’ve seen my ugly-cry and vom as many times as they have, you’ve earned the status of family.

Not only do their parents know me, their extended family do as well. Their mums have fed me, their dads have driven us to clubs at ungodly hours, and I know where the ice cream bowls are kept in both households. Their homes have been more of a constant in my life than my own.

So although I knew in advance the feeling of family moving away, although I know that their faces are just a Skype conversation away, I was still unprepared for the sadness and loss of yet another constant. Because although I am not grounded by a postcode, I am grounded. My compass points north around family, and in their absence the friends who didn’t think twice about filling their shoes.

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