Sex in a glass from a little country town


The aspiring gourmand in me led our next adventure to take place in the little country town of Beaune. Located just a short distance from Dijon in the Côte d’Or region of Burgundy, Beaune is so small that even many of the French hadn’t heard of it. However being the regions wine capital with its production of Pinot Noir’s, Beaune is a food-lovers haven.

The only way to describe this town is as charming. Walking through the towns main square I started to live out the opening scene of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, except instead of vendors singing bonjour to me from their windows I discovered the ghosts of World War One intricately buried in the towns pale brick buildings that surround an old hospital.

My recommendation for things to do in Beaune is start your day with the morning markets. Here you will find an ample selection of fresh bread, cured meats, olives,truffles, flavoured mustard and fresh fruit, the perfect ingredients for an afternoon picnic in the park. Afterwards continue your day with a tour of the regions vineyards, where you will learn about the intricacies of the different textures to its grape production. Return to a warm shower at your hotel before indulging in one of the dozen Michelin star restaurants dotted around the town were you will not only have a chance to experience the local cuisine at its best but be provided with the perfect opportunity to sample the abundant range of cheese produced in the surrounding areas.

As the French would say delicieux!

By Anitra Thambiah

Anitra Thambiah is the contributer to our Wanderlust column. This wide-eyed wanderer seeks beauty in the far corners of the world and wisdom in the exotic. We are excited to welcome her to the WTH team.

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